Our main session is every Wednesday at 7:45PM in Horsell High Street outside the Beijing Restaurant.  We run between 4 & 6 miles.

We also have a Saturday ‘Breakfast Club’ Group who meet at 7:30AM on Horsell Common at the Wetlands Wildlife Centre. Coffee afterwards at the cafe.

We often have a Sunday group which is a bit more ad hoc and arranged via the club email.

Get fit and have some fun

We are based in Horsell, Woking, Surrey and are an informal group; if you wish to turn up and run you will be most welcome.  Many of our members enter races and we support each others efforts.

We tend to run for 4-6 miles and we look to run at between an 8 and 10 minute mile pace.

If you just want more information email us on this link and we will get back to you.

Email Enquiry

You don’t need to tell us you are interested - just turn up. 

Horsell Runners

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